Sunday, July 12, 2009

GMAT Story (as printed in another forum on the test day)

Wow.. What a relief. This was my first thoughts after scoring a 750 on GMAT. This forum has been real useful for me so I wanted to post my experience to help others too.
Been planning for GMAT on and off from Jan but never finalized. Had already got the books from local library and they were just lying around. Decided to give a shot and get serious by end of April. Booked a date for 19 may on apr 28 and started some serious preparation. I took gmatprep 1 and got like 620+.

Started going through 1000s set, Princeton, Kaplan 800 and OG11 and OG Verbal Review. Finished the whole Verbal review and also the OG11 book also KAPLAN 800. About 10 days back tried Manhattans exam(700) and kaplan exam(690) and had a feeling that I could make it to the 750 mark easily. Increased going through questions and techniques for RC as that was the one where I was losing the most. Did the RC from Kaplan 800 which I was avoiding. Wrote GMATPrep 2 and ended up with 710 on Sun. Realised that I was not spending enough time on questions as I was left with lots of time both for quant and verbal.

Last 2 days have been a real pain. Been tensed a bit and tried all sorts of calming techniques. Yesterday saw a movie and lots of tv in the night to get mind out of GMAT. Today had to work in the morning and ended up doing very little. Decided to take a short swim to get mind out of GMAT. I was scheduled for the 3:30 slot but reading other peoples experiences decided to go early and face it. Was at center by 2:30 and they asked if I was ready to take it. I said yes and proceeded with all the verifications and started the exam. Wrote the two essays and decided to take few minutes break. I am from Arizona and seeing the heat outside I already had couple of gatorade bottles available. Decided to take few sips and spend time relaxing a bit. Then went back and took the quant and it turned out to be preety decent. I got it done in about 45 to 50 mins. Decided to take another break for 5 mins and walked around the reception area. After stretching a bit decided to take the final section. The verbal was going well with RC at 9 or so and ended up with 4 RC overall. I had read in some post that bold parts in CR meant higher score. Seeing it with 10 questions left was a confidence booster. All I had to do was finish the section in a decent manner and I was good. Took it slow from there as I had lots of time left and ended the section with 5 or more mins to space. Already had picked only top schools to report score and asked it to send score.

Finally when it showed the divides and the actual score that was real amazing. Glad it was finally over. Wow... Now its time to celebrate and relax... That was another reason for picking this week to write the exam. Next week I am off to a month vacation....


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