Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why another blog ... Why me...

There are tons of blogs and material available already which provide almost all the information provided on this blog (which is minimal and I totally agree) then why another blog.. Well that is a real good question. There are multiple reasons. Not everyone finds or is able to go through all the blogs out there. I decided to give out my blog with all the information I could gather and also with current information atleast for applicants for 2009-2010. I also have couple of my selfish reasons. It has been a while since I have written proper essays and this is my own effort to write proper essays and get the ideas start to flow for my own essays. Also I can leave it for future applicants and even if one person finds it helpful then I am glad about it.

Coming to the blog itself, I am not going to cover all the topics for MBA application process in general or all the GMAT material or any such thing. This blog is going to be specific about the whole application process, what I went through, what ideas and what kind of effort I put in, what was the result and may be the good and bad out of my application process so others can avoid repeating the same errors.

To start with here is my profile
B.E. Computer Science from India
M.S. Computer Science from Arizona
Ph.D. Comp Science dropped out after one year of course work from Washington
about 3 yrs in Wireless industry as Software Developer (Kind of startup environment)
about 4 yrs in Banking software development for a big Software company doing research and development work.
I have some kind of extracurricular activities. I am somewhat a go green kind of guy and try to support minimizing polluting the earth.
GMAT 750

Coming to the next part the colleges I am applying to

Yes I am going all in as they call it in vegas and have no safety net.

So here it goes.

Having said that I have some

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