Monday, July 6, 2009

Start of my MBA quest.

I finished a month long vacation and should have realized that is going to be the only break I am going to get for a while. All the free time, all the relaxed state everything is gone now. Its time to work no actually slog and this looks imminent looking at all the stories from applicants for last couple of years into the MBA program. The essays have started coming in and they sure look like they are going to take a lot of effort to complete. To top it need to come up with a new resume, have to get recommendation letters from three people. Thankfully I am a couple of steps ahead and got all my three recommenders notified and they all accepted to provide me with the letters. I hope they are aware of what they have committed to as it looks like even they would have to spend some significant amount of time in preparing the letters for me. I still have to prepare a list of my achievements with them so they are able to come up with the letters looking at the material. All this while taking care of my office work and few social commitments. Its all a drive down the memory lane, just as it was for my MS admission except a lot more work this time. I just hope I am able to keep posting to the blog which I sincerely hope will be helpful to atleast few people in future with their admission process. Will try to post this mostly as a diary kind of material so it gives a proper feel for the amount of time and good flow to all the material here.

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